Alejandro Morales

My academic training was completed in 2002 at the Faculty of the Arts of the National University of Colombia where I obtained the formal title of Master of Fine Arts

On 2004 I continued my studies on Multimedia production in Germany at the University of Applied Sciences in Kiel with a M.A. in Multimedia Production. Eight years long after that I´ve worked in the production of digital imagery.

In 2012 I moved to Berlin, where I returned to the artistic beginnings and the most primitive form of expression, drawing.

It was the start of "People of Berlin", an ongoing project where portrait in the form of drawing, and the exploration of the relationship between image and memory are at the center.

"We identify and recognise other people and ourselves through the face. Looking ourselves in the mirror is among the first things we do when we wake up every day. Expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts are also articulated through it.

Drawing allows me to leave marks, traces and imprints on the surface, it is almost as direct as it gets. But the marking is not only on the surface, it is that image left in my memory as well.

The act of drawing is also the materialisation of those strangers into subjects, into entities."

Exercising a constant, deliberate and mindful observation and studying people have allowed me to concentrate in life and the human condition as well as their characteristics, forces and elements.

It had lead me to explore our relation between our absolute rational part and the original, the primitive, the instinctive, the animal.

"Violence", seems omnipresent. Not only is it a part of life itself (biologically speaking) but also in many art forms like films, drama and theater as well as in sports and games.

This and the material exploration are the main topics of my current work.

It is not my intention to provide any moral critic or position nor to answer any question. On the contrary, it is my intention to offer an experience that opens questions on our existence and that allows for a dialogue and discussions on our reality as humans.


Alejandro Morales

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